Promotion (For Sure)

I got the promotion. The official title is “Managing Senior Suspense/Silver Team Swing Shift.” I think it’s a little long ‘n’ gaudy, like older women’s jewelry, but I am free to interpret: “Managing Senior, Purchasing.” Not bad.

The title and bragging rights of my responsibilities (managing 50 purchasers) are my only advantages, unfortunately. The pay raise will not come into affect until several months (with no retroactive pay). This is due to the paperwork taking three paces short of eternity to process. As a result, I will not have a greater cash inflow before I leave for China.

My first night (the position is for the evening shift 4pm – 1am) was pretty good. I impressed them with my booming orator’s voice during the introductory meeting. The responsibilities and expectations have, I believe, a lot of room for doing nothing. So, in order to impress my superiors, I have to create my role and take on a lot more work than I really have to.

Now, the next problem is when to pop the news that I’m leaving for China…

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