Record Phone Conversations

L and I talked for 243 minutes last night. Our record is still 400+. I don’t remember exactly — I should ask her next time.

We talk and we argue and then we talk some more. We tell each other how much we love each other a lot. If anyone asked me what we talk about, I wouldn’t be able to tell them exactly. We talk about our finances, our future home, our dreams, our expectations. We argue about how we treat each other, then affirm our love and talk about other things. We discuss what we don’t like about the other person. Then, we’d argue about the whether it is right to change the other person in a relationship. We conclude that two people ought to mutually want to change for the better. We talk about sexual expectations. Sometimes we can spend several ours on just that topic alone. We talk about how the other person’s goals make us feel: trepidation being in the main. We talk and talk and talk until we realize that it’s already three in the morning over in Philly, and I should let L go to sleep lest she make up for it in class tomorrow.

Will we converse as much when we are physically near each other?

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