Rewards of Parenthood

I woke up late today. I read a little more of Huston Smith’s The World’s Religions. I ate lunch with The Family. The kids came back with me to my house and we washed both my mom’s and my car. It was pretty fun.

After washing the car, my goddaughter Tracy was pretty tired. She’s a tiny nine-year old girl who likes to be tougher than she looks. Tracy is very adorable and very affectionate. This afternoon, I believe I felt what the rewards of parenthood might be like. I can imagine the frustrations that a daughter like Tracy might bring. At the same time, I can also imagine the overwhelming pride and joy that the father of such a girl might feel. I was reading my Huston Smith book, lying on the sofa. Joey was at my feet playing with his Gameboy and Jason and Jonathan were playing Warcraft III on my laptop. Tracy was bored and got sleepy. So, she slipped on top of my chest like an oversized kitten and put her chin on my shoulder. Lying curled on top of me, she slowly fell asleep while I continued to read my book. At some point, I put my book down. The moment was so wonderfully blissful! Many times I have imagined my own daughter sleeping on my chest on a lazy afternoon. Here, then, was I living a similar moment.

I believe that moments such as those are the rewards of parenthood… an indescribable love between parent and child that makes the soul sing about all that is right in this world. I hope that in a decade I would be able to repeat such love with my very own children.

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