I found spending time with J last weekend to be rewarding. Since I give inordinate amounts of love and affection to J, I figure I ought to throw some special time to J, the oldest of my godchildren. He’s thirteen, and he’s been asking to see some horror flics. So, I take him to see The Ring. The flic scared the pee-pee out of him… literally. He had to go to the restroom three times. I mean, I understand. The film was pretty scary (especially when Samara crawls out of the TV screen!), but I thought he wanted to be scared. Well, I guess it was too real for him.

At any rate, I’m trying to figure out what I can do with R, C and T. I don’t suppose spending the whole day with T at the car show this past Saturday counts? Naw… we barely hung out. My little goddaughter ought to get most of my time, but I just don’t have any good things thought up to do with her. Maybe I should just spend time. Just go over and hang with her. What about that? I’ll try this weekend.

I was just complaining to myself last night about how little affection I get from L. Where’s the attention, the special effort to show that she cares and thinks about me? Well, I got a little perturbed thinking about it, so I decided to just busy myself with other stuff and not think too much about it. I mean, we both know we love each other. This distance thing just isn’t helping. Too many excuses… Then, tonight, when I got back from work, I see a package on my desk. L finally decided to mail the birthday present she had for me. Well, there was a CD with Chinese music, a tie clip/cuff links set, and a card. The card is, surprisingly, what I cherish the most:

Happy Belated Birthday!

My dearest K,

Thank you for being so understanding as I embark on this new path of Pharmacy School. I’ve only begun to realize how lucky we both are to finally arrive at this decision of ours. At the end of a long day, I go to bed feeling very special because I know you’ll be there for me in good and bad times. I seldom express my appreciation of your love and support. I hope you realize that I cherish the conversations we share. Thank you for being a true friend FIRST and taking on this new role as PARTNER. 🙂 I miss you dearly and wish you would never forget to stop and think of me in your busy schedule.

With love always,

L My L

What she said in that card really set my heart at ease. I just need to know from time to time that she realizes that I actually put an effort to do what I do. That would be enough to remind me that I have a very special gal to call my girl…

Tonight was the first night of training for my promotion. I suppose my Team Leader lived up to her word afterall. I’m being trained for a position that’s two positions higher than the one I worked as these past three weeks. Instead of talking to Lenders (the banks) as Juniors, I would be auditing the files that Purchasers (my current position) are doing. According to my trainer, the payscale would jump twice. Hopefully that’s a lot. No one’s willing to give actual numbers, yet.

Anyway, my parents are happy. I’m sure they’re wondering whether I will still go to China if I’m being promoted so fast.

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