End Training and A Sleepover

My training at Countrywide ended yesterday. I recieved a minor recognition for being the most productive in class. On Thursday, I finished nine files. Jonathan “The Pretty Boy” finished only eight. Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication, he got eight done yesterday and I finished only seven. If I had the same amount of time, I could have done ten instead. Oh well, I’ll show him up on Monday.

So, the first day of “real” work starts this Monday. The whole class has no option but to work the 4pm-1am shift. I think this shift works out much better for me. Even if I sleep my regular eight hours, I’d still have four refreshed hours before I have to drive to work. In those hours, I could do the little studying that I ought to have done throughout this week. I didn’t do any this week because I was too tired by the time I got back home. Traffic is a drag.

I talked to L last night. We missed each other a lot. She’s thinking of running for Class President. Unfortunately, her sister-in-law is the “campaign manager” for this other girl. L, not having attempted a popularity contest before, will have a tough time. If she can determine a need in her class and develop a plan to meet that need, she would stand out above the others. Even if she doesn’t become president of her class, she would have the respect of her peers. That, I think, is an even better prize. In other words, if she can’t be elected as a leader, she can create a new leadership position.

L suggested that I go talk to a librarian to find appropriate books for Joey. I want to get him interested in reading, but I’ve found that difficult. Too high or too low of a reading level would cause Joey to lose interest. So, what’s the in-between? I don’t know, but L thinks that a librarian would. I will do that, soon. For Joey’s birthday, however, I got him a Gamecube game.

So, after I finished talking to L, I went to the gym. I stopped by Target, first. I got Joey’s present: Bloody Fury: Primal Fury. When I went to the gym, I found out it closed at ten on Fridays. I went over to the Second House, instead. I gave Joe his gift, and he looked pretty happy. That’s good. I was just hanging out with them when I fell asleep. I had Jason use my cell to call my mom to tell her that I was staying the night. I cuddled with little Jason all night. Is this how it feels to be a father? Geez… having kids of my own will be awesome.

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