A patricide case in Pensacola, Florida resulted in a guilty verdict. The murderers are teenagers, Derek King, 14, and Alex, 13, are guilty of second-degree murder. Their father, Terry King, age 40, was killed with a baseball bat as he was sleeping on his recliner. The two teens each face a 22 years to life sentence. What was odd about this case was that the same crime but with a different defendent convened at the same time. The defendent in this other case was Ricky Chavez, a convicted child molester. The jurors at his trial exonerated him.

Apparently, Chavez was “fascinated” with Alex. During investigations, the child molester changed his statements several times. He still faces charges of evidence tampering and obstruction of an investigation. Apparently, Chavez harbored the teens and washed their bloodstained clothes.

The situation reminds me of The Brothers Karamazov. What did Terry King do to those kids? What motivated them to kill their father? Was he their real father, since there was also a foster mother (Nancy Lay) involved?

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