Labor Weekend BBQ & A B-Day

Today was my second aunt’s birthday. It also coincided with The Family’s Labor Weekend BBQ. The festivities began early this morning with dim sum. Then, we went to Uncle Paul’s [not blood, but family friend via the sixth family] house to go swimming. Well, just my godchildren and Uncle Paul’s children (Joshua and Karen) swam. I watched the Food Network and read the next Clancy novel, Clear and Present Danger. Around five, we all went back to the sixth family’s place. The parents got all the food stuffs prepared, and the kids played around. I read, ate and slept. I’m still suffering from the cold that Joey gave me. And, I think I gave the cold to my goddaughter Tracy. Poor girl, her parents are fighting again. She is going through a lot, and she is embarassed that all the other cousins know, too.

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