Update and Goal Seek

Sheila went home on Monday night. She had a long, fun week, and I think she would not rather start school tomorrow. When my cousin and I returned from Milipitas on Thursday, I had the next two days to myself. During that time, I was thinking more of what I ought to be doing. On Sunday, Jason was on the point of begging to spend time with me. My little godson really loves my company. My mother had things for me to do, so I asked him if he wanted to come over to help me wash the van. In the afternoon, he and I washed my dirty brown van. Sheila came over and we downloaded the pictures from her digital camera. Then she and I went to the gym. In the evening, Jason said the sweetest thing. The six kids, Sheila and I were walking to Albertsons to get some ice cream. We were talking about the sleepover that night and Sheila asked if Jason would sleep next to her. “No!” Jason cried. I turned to him and asked, “How come you don’t want to sleep with Sheila?” He was holding my hand as he said, “I don’t want to sleep with her. I want to sleep with you.” How adorable!

I wanted to do certain things before December. How far am I towards their completion?

  • 500 Chinese characters
  • Finish Random Walk
  • Finish first twelve chapters of Financial Modeling
  • Get a temp job

I have 360 characters to go. I’m halfway through Random Walk. And I just finished reading the first chapter of Financial Modeling. I still need to turn in my resume for a temp job.

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