Short Update On The Road

So our trip began on Monday, late morning. We made an extended stop at Santa Barbara. It was pretty much an upscale college-town. I can understand why Ronnie did not like the place very much. At any rate, Thanh, Sheila and I strolled around the Paseo. We stopped by Barnes & Nobles to get some books. I bought HarperCollins Study Bible (NRSV). I bought a bible, for goodness sakes! I thought it was about time I understood the Christian point of view. It’s interesting how there are many versions of the Bible: NRSV (direct succession of the KJV); NLV; NIV; ASV; etc. I think Bible versions are differentiated by their reputation. In which case, the NRSV is a very reputed translation. Anyway, I’m enjoying the stories within. I just finished the “Covenant of Noah” this morning.

We arrived at Hermano’s house, (he’s Thanh’s old camp counselor and mentor for being a secondary school teacher), at around eleven in the evening. On Tuesday, we went to a breakfast restaurant called Dudley’s. We stopped by the National Steinbeck Center. Afterwards, Sheila and I rested at Hermano’s house while Thanh met up with Hermano at his school. I took the time to finish Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. It was fantastic! But, I should discuss more of that in another entry. In the evening, Hermano took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We saw many jellies, fishes, and some otters. I was most amazed by the bluefin tunas. They’re freakin’ HUGE. Afterwards, we went to the pier and had dinner there. To and from the pier, we traveled on rollerskates and scooters.

Today, we plan on going to Dudley’s again for breakfast. Then, we’ll head off to Point Lobos and then to Milipitas.

Update: I did not get the job at Fisher Investments. Big bummer. 🙁

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