“Our Souls Will Kiss,” by Seahorse

My form’s arrested,
Held captive in thought,
From yearning for you.
Waiting for the day,
Sleeping through the years,
Until you take my face
In both hands to say
How much you love me.
And, our eyes will meet
Then our souls will kiss.
Yet, our lips not touch.

When I was younger,
I wandered as one
Lost, in search for truth.
I have found myself…
The truth: my purpose.
Yet, I want to lose
Myself, now, to you.
Me again to find
An even better
Man from the sheer act
Of loving you true.

The world around us
Crumbles from their greed.
Do they not see hope
From loving others?
Like brothers, sisters –
Every one of us,
Each responsible
For others’ actions.
Let us inspire,
My Love, with Our Love.
And give this world Faith!

Should it crumble still.
I would love you still.
We may be buried
Under lonely hearts,
Fallen from their hate.
Yet this bond we hold,
This passion we share,
From roots in this world,
Will sprout, grow and bloom
In the Garden, where
Immortal souls tend.

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