I got a call from my fourth aunt today around 10am. She asked if I wanted to go ice-skating after lunch.

“Yes,” I said.
“Then I’ll call Jason and them to see if they want to go, too,” Fannie said.

I just came back. We had a good time at the Pasadena Ice-Skating Rink. (“We” being just my goddaughter Tracey and feigao.) I haven’t skated since last summer when Sheila came to visit. As it was then, poor Jason was having a tough time. He fell down about fifteen times… all on the same side! So, he’ll be pretty sore tomorrow. At least he can skate without using the rails, now. He’s not discouraged, either. “When will we ice skate, again?” He asked. “Next weekend, if you’d like,” I replied. I love that kid. My goddaughter was getting bored, though. I think I was not skating with her too much. She does fine without me, so I figured that I ought to stick with Jason and help him move along, encourage him. Well, I think I should’ve spent my time more evenly. All my godchildren notice that I am more affectionate to Jason, and know that he’s my favorite. They don’t blame me, nor do they resent Jason. Feigao just has the kind of face that screams for an inordinate amount of affection. I don’t spend my time with Jason to the exclusion of my other godchildren, so perhaps it is there that they forgive me? Or, perhaps they are just too young to hate me for my favortism? Hehe… that’s probably it!

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