Huntington Beach

I finally sent the reference kit and background check materials to the Peace Corps on Friday. After that I went over to the Second Family’s house. I played some video games, teased feigao and went with them to dinner. The restaurant was… okay. It was a Japanese sushi/buffet called “Todai” at the Santa Anita Mall. The presentation was good. There was more variety than “Kaya”. But, clearly, the cooks put a lot of starch, cheese and other rich ingredients to get their customers full early.

There was not one bookstore at the mall!

Stayed up late to play chess that night on Yahoo! Games. I won four straight games. I plan on entering the tournament tonight and win the trophy. Mr. Chess Tiger will be here to help me…

This morning, the fourth, sixth, second and my family went to Huntington Beach. My godsons and I dug a huge hole. Then, we had Raymond, Joey and Jonathan kneel in it. Those silly boys. They trust me so…. So, I buried them up to their necks. Raymond had his legs straddling Joey, and Joey was sitting on Jonathan. Hence, no one could get out until Raymond could dig himself out. What was hilarious was how, as they were trying to dig out the sand, they slowly were getting pushed closer together. My mother was laughing so hard I was afraid she was going to have a heart attack! Everyone in the family had a great laugh at the kids’ expense. Will my antics get me in trouble someday? Perhaps. But, the kids still love me. That’s the amazing part.

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