The Weekend

What a nice fun-packed weekend. On Friday, I went over to my godsons’ place and goofed around on their Nintendo Gamecube. On Saturday, I hung out with my mom. We woke up early to go swimming. Then, we visited an aunt (Aunt Betty, I suppose) and her sister. That sister bathed me when I was just a month old. My mom and dad were too busy working and needed someone to take care of me. After a month, I guess my mom wanted to stay home. I have to ask her the real reason.

We spent the whole day with Aunt Betty. From nine in the morning until five in the evening. That is just too long. All my real relatives (Aunt Betty is not blood-related, just a close family friend that we’ve known for a while) were calling for my mother and I, but we weren’t home to take their calls. In the evening, the second family came over after their dinner to make plans for Sunday’s time at the beach.

So the majority of Sunday was at the beach. There were some really good-looking women, but that phenomenon is attributable to the full moon. Damn moon makes me a horn-dog every two weeks. Makes me feel kind of guilty, too, but I think L will understand the sexual drive problem that healthy hetero-guys have. This problem has plagued men since the beginning of DNA. Other than the Lolitas in their skimpy outfits, other memorable moments were digging a huge hole and burying my eldest godson, Joey, in it. He was down on his knees and the hole was up to his shoulders. The hole took three hours to dig, two minutes to fill with Joey in it, and a half hour to dig him out. Poor kid is still sore today.

Today, Monday, was when my dad came home. I think he was a little disappointed that I didn’t go and pick him up. But, then again, I wanted to drive him back. He arranged to have my great uncle to do that instead. So, I stayed home to wait for him. I gave my dad a great big hug when he came home, though. Perhaps that made up for it? I hope so.

My dad looks like he lost weight. His belly is a lot smaller. He looks healthy. There are no bags under his eyes. The inhaler he carries around unsettles me, though. I didn’t think he had asthma, but he has it for the cough. I hope it’s not serious. Boy… he’s getting old. The Family is getting old. Will the new generation keep the connection?

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