Life’s Questions

On God, Immortality, and Faith

  1. Does God exist?
  2. Is God like human beings?
  3. Is the soul immortal?
  4. Is Faith an answer?

On Liberty, Equality, and Justice

  1. Is society based on a contract?
  2. Is liberty the highest social value?
  3. Is equality the highest social value?
  4. Is capitalism just?
  5. Should we establish a world government?

On Happiness, Obligations and Values

  1. Is pleasure the only value?
  2. Can we understand happiness?
  3. Is morality relative?
  4. Is happiness the standard of morality?
  5. Is society the source of values?

On Freewill, Mind, and Identity

  1. Are we always selfish?
  2. Are we free?
  3. Are we responsible for our actions?
  4. Is the mind nothing but the brain?
  5. Can computers think?
  6. Can I create my identity?
  7. Can I know about the external world?

On Knowledge, Science, and Truth

  1. Does science give us real knowledge?
  2. Is experience the source of all knowledge?
  3. Is certainty teh standard of knowledge?
  4. Is truth subjective?

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