Fun by the River

Raam called me yesterday afternoon and asked if Roy and I wanted to go to the river. Of course, since Roy went to Evanston, Illinois to attend his sister’s graduation, only I went. Raam, Christina, Mike Hale, Gil, Ronnie, Mark and I were all the people in attendance.

We went to Tish Tash River, which is off of the Hoopa Native American reservation. We had “ghetto” sandwiches and swam in the river. It was tiring, but we got to rest by basking in the sun like lizards.

Afterwards, I went over to Gil’s place. He showed me the new AD&D role-playing PC game, Neverwinter. We ate CostCo pizza for dinner, and I read the first 40 pages of Ronnie’s book, The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoevsky. When Ronnie was making cookies for the rest of the group, we were able to have a friendly chat.

When everyone else was done playing videogames, we played poker. By 2am, Gil had the most chips, I had the second-most. We then played 13-cards, which they called “Pasoy”. I then showed them how to play bridge. When Mike dropped me off at home, time was about 3:30am. Pretty long day, I must say! But, I had a lot of fun with these good people.

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