The King of Thailand (Story by Henry Dormann)

How does a king become successful? Even more important, how does a king become beloved?

The king of Thailand provides an example. Even though he is a constitutional monarch, he is so loved by his people that even a hint of displeasure changes governments and laws.

In person, he is a delightful, down-to-earth, kindly individual who loves jazz, loves to talk on the shortwave radio to people around the world who don’t necessarily know who he is, and has a great sense of humor. In his nation, he remains distinguished.

In keeping with his philosophy of what a king should be, he believes in the inverted pyramid. He says most leaders consider themselves on the top of the pyramid and the people are at the base below. But he feels that real success is shown in the inverted pyramid, where the people are on the top and he is below, helping in his own best way to hold up the pyramid. He feels that the people’s welfare rests on his responsibility, and he must help to keep his people and his nation on the top of the pyramid. It’s an interesting formula for success.

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