SmartRoom Project Beginnings

I was able to reach Steve Newman yesterday and finally talk about the SmartRoom project. He and I are both excited about doing this budget. However, I am concerned about the quality and quantity of information that I will be able to get. According to Steve, there is no “hard” data on what the demand is for these SmartRooms. Also, the California State Budget is not going to be available until after July, so whatever budget we may come up may not even be feasible. These are obstacles, but they are not insurmountable. Mr. Newman has been working in Media Services longer than I’ve been at Humboldt. He knows the hardware, the costs and other expenses that might be necessary for this project. Although demand will be difficult to determine, we can make educated guesses. Hopefully, Steve will be able to get back to me today and I can put some preliminary data together.

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