L. and Medical School

L. and I spoke over the phone last night. She decided that she did not want to pursue retail pharamacy. That would not make her happy. So, she’s adamant about getting into medical school. The thing that is keeping her back, that is making her hesitant, is her fear of rejection. I can understand the fear. No one likes to be rejected. And, I am glad that she is not going to let that fear keep her from applying. She has improved her corpus vitae since her last application. L. is volunteering at a hospital, works at a biotech research company, and does retail pharmacy inbetween. She has experience in three major areas of medicine and she is confident that her passion is being a doctor. L. is also applying for Early Decision at Temple University Medical School, where the recommendation from her Temple undergraduate professor will have much leverage. She graduated at the top of her class. Only her MCAT scores are not as competitive as she would like.

I am confident that she’ll get into Temple Med School. How can I transfer this confidence to her?

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