Sunday Reflections

Another weekend has come around. There will only be five more before my college career is over. My goodness, time is passing quickly by.

This week was characterized by procrastination and brief moments of thoughtfulness. I still have many assignments to make up. The list of tasks I wrote on Friday is still long. So, I best finish the Assessment Paper today.

Sheila wrote me last night. She said that she is depressed. I am afraid that she is encountering a lost sense of purpose. She might also need to repair a shattered sense of self-worth. That damn ex-boyfriend deserves to be strung up by the testicles for what he did. Yet, even then, Sheila won’t feel any better — she would still berate herself for not having realized his lying, cheating heart sooner. As any good cousin ought to do, I should contact her and listen to her troubles.

Yesterday was the Jazz Festival. The Lindy Hop Dance Demonstration went off without a hitch. The group did a good job, and everyone enjoyed the jovial atmosphere. Being exposed to lindy hop and East Coast swing is a very good thing for me. Some time from now, I will be able to build upon my beginning skills and perhaps dance like Kenny & Maureen.

I am concerned for Raam. These recent conversations with him are disturbing. His goals and ambitions are being downgraded. Can I tell him that he is justifying mediocrity? He wants to switch from Social Work to an easier major. I suggested Communication since it is relatively easier, but at least it has some practical value. His preference is Art. That is the easiest major of all, with no practical, income-generating value. Christina is apparently not skilled nor disciplined enough to be the breadwinner of the two. She speaks of buying video games and expensive game consoles at a time when the two of them barely have enough money to eat and live. Does she even realize how much Raam is sacrificing in order to keep them financially afloat? Raam will have to be real strong to deal with Christina’s underdeveloped maturity. He will be challenged. If he can overcome the challenges, then a better man he will be for it. Unfortunately, I am afraid he is blinded by euphoria. He is romanticizing his relationship. Raam does not realize that he is playing the role of “father” and “caretaker” to Christina. There is no partnership between the couple. She is dependent upon his guidance, like a daughter who needs her father’s wise guidance. Does Raam fancy himself to be that wise? There is nothing more I can do than just be Raam’s friend. I don’t agree with the decisions he has made so far, but I am in no position to tell him how to live his life, nor would I want to if I was.

My parents called me this morning to remind me to do my taxes. Another task for this weekend. . I am going to try to find some online way to file my taxes. That’ll make my life a little easier.

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