Electronic vs. Paper Journals

Today must be one of those days. You know, those days where you want to be productive but the actual doing is not following that wanting? The air smells like horse manure, too. Odd air to be breathing perhaps I can blame my lethargy on that? Of course, I am trying to keep myself mentally awake by writing. This credit checking process is so not exciting that I need numerous cups of coffee or one powerful pill stimulant to keep me going at a good pace.

I should think about something stimulating. I can think about what I want to talk about with L-. But, I should keep that in my handwritten journal. I know: I will write about the differences between keeping a handwritten journal and a computerized journal.

The greatest benefits in keeping a computerized journal are volume and ease of editing. I can write many pages of thoughts in a shorter amount of time when I type compared to when I have to write each word on paper. Journal entries that are six pages in length handwritten make only a page and a half once they are typed. Those six pages might have taken me between two hours or more to be written. When I use the computer to write, I can churn up three pages in an easy hour, (that’s twelve pages in half the time!)

Those twelve pages might not be as well thought out as the concise clarity of six handwritten pages, but that is where the benefit of editing comes in. With handwritten material, editing makes the whole entry messy. Throwing the entry away is out of the question. So, any major revision must be rewritten. Using the computer to write, I can put all my thoughts on paper, and then edit to my heart’s content. I can write about any subject that comes to mind, expound on the subject and then reorganize as necessary.

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