Her Dream House

Sunday morning began with a nice long conversation with L-. We talked from 5:30am until 11:00am PST. When R- heard from me that we actually spoke for so long, he said there must be some kind of romance going on. Well, we love each other. That has a good part in what’s going on.

Loving someone like the way I love L- feels good. We talked about the kind of house she wanted: three bedrooms, a livingroom, a study room, two bathrooms, a meeting room and a large kitchen. Yard space, she says, is important. She wanted a large backyard for a garden and a swimming pool. Our spa would be in the Master Bedroom. What a great idea! She soon changed her mind to four bedrooms. If there were two kids, each will eventually want their own space. Of course, the whole house will be my responsibility to clean. “My” responsibility as opposed to her husband’s. Unless… I was her husband. How blissful that would feel if that’s what she meant!

Other than a fantasized future, we spoke of a more definite period ahead. L- will visit here at Humboldt from May 17th to the 24th. We will have a good part of the week after school is out to spend together. My dad will be here to stand in name for a rental car. So, the two of us will have our own transportation. We will be like Aenea and Raul at the end of The Rise of Endymion. All of Humboldt County will be ours to explore.

The Valentine’s gift is almost done. It’s more than halfway. Yet, fine tuning the site to look good isn’t easy.

Well, enough about L- for now. Around 2pm on Sunday, I went to Lindy Hop Club with R- to dance. He and I learned a lot. The club and activity are good things for us to do together, for us to build our friendship. After class, we went to the mall to get running shoes and swing shoes. After dinner, he and I had one of our good conversations. As we talked, we cut out pieces of denim for the bottom of our Converse shoes. (The denim makes the shoes slik on the dance floor.)

Monday night, we got to use our new shoes. Jeff O’Connor, the teacher, complimented us. After Swing, T-, R-, M- and I worked out at the Gym.

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