Significant Others on My Self-Concept

I wrote the rest of the J note on my computer and posted it that same day.

On Sunday, I saw Arnold and he waved “hi.” I suppose things are okay again. I just hope I didn’t overdo the compliments.

In my Relational Communication Theory class today, Scott (the professor) asked us to list ten characteristics of ourselves. My first three were “assertive,” “articulate,” and “ambitious.” He then asked us to put the names of the people who most influenced or reaffirmed those personal characteristics. Everyone who has supported me (teachers, parents, friends, and relatives), I feel, have reaffirmed my assertive nature. Doug Campbell and Greg Young both provided an environment where I could improve my articulation.

The point of the exercise was something in which I already realized after reading David Copperfield, by Dickens. The whole of my identity is made up of the relationships that I have had throughout my life.

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