Am I Being Led to the Diaconate?

Rev Gerard O'Brien ordained deacon

[Photo credit: Mazur/]

For hundreds of years, deacons were men who were destined to be priests. Ever since the Second Vatican Council, all men, including married men, can be ordained to this holy order. When I learned about this during my RCIA, the seed was planted. I want to learn more and see if I’m being called to this vocation, in addition to my vocation as a husband and father.  I found this 3-minute video explaining the permanent diaconate:

Why would I want to subject myself to more rules?  A deacon is tied to a diocese just like a priest.  He reports to a priest, just like how I report to my supervisor.  Do I really want another boss?  Living the moral life is tough enough.  Wouldn’t the expectations of a deacon be even greater?  How much of this is motivated by my ego?  Does my wife really want to be married to a deacon?  What would this mean for my children?

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