The Wedding at Myrtle

Last weekend (Oct 11-12), I attended the wedding of a friend whom I served with in Peace Corps Guatemala (’05-’07).  Aside from sharing a wonderful moment in the life of a friend, I was also deeply grateful to see my other friends.  Some became parents or will soon be parents.  Others were engaged.  All were brought together because of this wedding.  The Bible refers to Heaven as a wedding feast (Mt 22:2, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding banquet for his son”).  So, I felt like I was in Heaven.  I remember having the same feeling when my family went home this past winter.  I wrote a letter to my family and friends:

I imagine Heaven is like the conversations we had, the food we ate, the places we visited, the movies we watched, the games we played… except there would be no limit to space & time.  We can cook all our favorite recipes together, eat the dishes and pair it with the most amazing wines, and not worry about it “getting too late” or “eating too much” or ”being too expensive.”  We would share our experiences of all the wonderful places we’ve been and even re-visit them together (who needs planes when we have wings?)  In the course of a conversation, we might mention a great book or a well-made movie — I’d blink, read the book or movie you recommended, and then blink back to our moment to say, “Yes!  It was great!” Or, “Mmm… it wasn’t for me.”  In short, I imagine Heaven as being able to spend an eternity in the pleasure of your company.

I regret that we didn’t have enough time.  My jetlag also didn’t help me be at my social best.  I kept on falling asleep at the reception.

I miss the genuine friendships that were formed during those couple of years in Guatemala.  A lot has happened since then and everyone’s lives have basically moved on.  Things are different, but my affection for them stayed the same.  I truly do hope for Heaven, when I can catch up with them without earthly restrictions like time and stamina.  God bless my friends and may they make it to Heaven so we can spend an eternity having fun.

Myrtle Beach

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