Repent from Your Good Works

Kunsthistorisches Museum
Prodigal Son (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was at a men’s bible study again this evening.  We’re diving deep into the story of the Prodigal Son.

Most people don’t realize, myself included, that the story was really a warning to the people who obey God’s rules diligently: “There are two ways to be your own Savior and Lord.  One is by breaking all the moral laws and setting your own course, and one is by keeping all the moral laws and being very, very good.”

Even a man who has violated nothing on the list of moral misbehaviors can be every bit as spiritually lost as the most profligate, immoral person.  Why?  Because sin is not just breaking the rules, it is putting yourself in the place of God as Savior, Lord, and Judge just as each son in the parable sought to displace the authority of the father in his own life.

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