Our Daily Duty, Our Daily Joy

The Vatican does a great job of covering the Pope.  Obviously.  I just didn’t know there was so much.  They even have letters he’s written to people, like the one to the Superior General for the Society of Jesus.

Trying to find a regular source of his homilies, I came across this message from his Regina Caeli, Easter Monday, April 1, 2013:

To express in life the sacrament we have received: dear brothers and sisters, this is our daily duty, but I would also say our daily joy! The joy of feeling we are instruments of Christ’s grace, like branches of the vine that is Christ himself, brought to life by the sap of his Spirit!

I was very moved by the imagery that Pope Francis provided in that statement.  Do I consider it a joy to be a part of Christ’s body?  Do I feel happy to have the sap of his Spirit coursing through my soul?  Or, do I feel the will of God is merely a duty, to be executed like a servant?  This is the state of my spiritual development.  I haven’t come to an understanding or a choice between the two, yet.

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