Same-Sex Marriage: Our Agreements Solve Our Disagreement | Catholic Answers

Same-Sex Marriage: Our Agreements Solve Our Disagreement | Catholic Answers.

This is a very interesting article.  Before I found my faith in God, I was a proponent for same-sex marriage.  If not in the spiritual sense, then at least through civil union.  I remember having a poignant conversation with P. Rogers back in my college days.  We were having lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.  He was an ordained pastor.  I was a bleeding-heart liberal.  “If two men truly loved each other, why can’t they get married?  Who are we to say ‘no’?”  I thought I was so smart.

Then I converted to Catholicism and stopped thinking altogether.  Why do I need to think about what is right and what is wrong when it is already proscribed by a higher authority?  My feeling towards many moral issues after my conversion is similiar to my feelings toward advanced mathmatics: Why should I learn calculus when I have an Excel spreadsheet?  I don’t need to think about the moral issues because the answer is already there, thought about and concluded by people smarter than me.  I just need to know where to look.  So, when it comes to the moral issues, I look up my trusty Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Is homosexuality bad?  See CCC 2357.  How should Christians treat homosexuals?  See CCC 2358.  What can a homosexual person do to remain faithful to God?  See CCC 2359.  With answers that I can easily reference, I can move on to other unsolved problems.  It’s an efficient way to go about moral and mathematical problems.

But, I’m not being honest with myself.  When I argued for the right of homosexuals, I did it from a deep sense of justice.  It was unfair to persecute men and women who legitimately loved each other.  How can I all of a sudden switch from a criterion of Justice to just “because God says so”?  Have I become a politician, who changes his position depending on the day’s weather?  Do I not have a core of beliefs?  I did not, but I do now.  It’s important for me to, at some point, explore this.

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