Daily One – Deed and Truth

Today’s Readings – January 5, 2013

“Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth.” 1 John 3:18

What were my deeds of love yesterday?

  • I fed, played, bathed and put Maya to sleep last night when I would have rather worked on the many tasks piling up in queue.
  • After isolating Maya in her room for throwing a tantrum (which made her more hysterical), I was quick to show her love and affection after she calmed down.  Without the grace of God, I would have remained irritated and treated Maya with less love than what my Heavenly Father shows me after I misbehave.
  • Instead of being irritated with my wife for staying out late with her girlfriends, I gave her a nice long hug when she came home.  I kissed her profusely.  While she was away, I thought about the shortness of life and how easily I could lose her.  I started crying.
  • Instead of leaving the food and dishes out for my wife to clean up when she came home, I put everything away and washed all the dishes.  I would have rather not, but glory to God, I did.

How did I love truth?

  • I love going to daily Mass and I pray that I will have enough spiritual strength one day to go more often than on the First Friday of the month.
  • God was responsible for all the things that went well, today: getting my travel order, finding the passport photo I needed for Hana’s application, realizing that I could print out a copy of my name change decree at Staples instead of waiting until next Monday.  As a result, we will have Hana’s passport and Korean visa by next week.  All is well and we are on track to return to Seoul.
  • Being on earth is like exile and I should dream often of heaven.
  • Heaven is like my wedding day, except we are not limited by time or the size of our stomachs.  I would have time to talk to every one of my friends, catch up with them, share a plate of food with each one and drink many glasses of wine without getting drunk.  There would be music and dancing, and no one gets tired.  It is perpetually dusk, with all the beautiful russet, gold and scarlet colors splashed across the sky.

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