Daily One – The Holy Spirit Will Lead Me

Today’s Readings – January 2, 2013

Even after being baptized, it is possible for me to be deceived.  Today’s first reading says that I don’t need any person to teach me after my anointing (my Confirmation?), that I will know what is true and false if I remain in him.  It’s interesting… by remaining in him, St. John is referring to the teachings of Christ, the teachings “heard from the beginning.”  I may not need another person to teach me, but I need the Holy Spirit to guide me.  And the Holy Spirit can use others to lead me back to Christ, if I only empty myself to his gentle guidance.

Dear Holy Spirit, please lead me back to the Scriptures and let the Word of God teach me.  I lose myself in the words of other authors.  Help me, beloved Holy Spirit, by letting other words lead me back to His Word.

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