Daily One – Feast of the Holy Family

Today’s Readings: December 30, 2012

I love that today’s reading had the name Hannah in it.  My wife and I brought our own Hana to Mass this evening.  I didn’t look up today’s Scripture beforehand.  So, it was a lovely surprise; kind of like God saying, “Hey, thanks.  It’s good to see at least one of your children at Church, today.”  We had left Maya at home.

Even though our family was incomplete without our two-year old, it was nice to know that she has loving grandparents who are willing to watch after her.  My wife and I need time to ourselves, and Hana is pretty low maintenance at this stage in her life (she stayed asleep throughout Mass).

My wife reached out for my hand.  So, I guess she (temporarily) forgave me for our argument earlier this morning.

The one thing that stuck me from the readings today – my Daily One – was “Beloved: See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God.”

My family may be imperfect.  It may not be holy, yet.  But I’m part of the family of God.  God is holy; so, I’m holy by association.  I just need to work at deserving that holiness.  It’s like having a wealthy uncle makes me wealthy.  I just need to work at deserving a piece of his inheritance.

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