Daily One – Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today’s Readings: Dec 12, 2012

Dear Blessed Mother Mary,

You’re appearance as Our Lady of Guadalupe brought so many souls from Latin America to God.  You continue to appear all throughout t the world and testify to God’s love.  Even in today’s reading, Scripture exalts you a the most honored one of the mortal human race.

Why do so many people still think that the Catholic Church treats women as inferior when you are the most exalted out of all of us?  Why do women want to be ordained priests when you have done more than any priest to bring souls to God?  Why don’t more people connect your predicament as at young girl being pregnant out of wedlock to the many young girls who are in the similar predicament, today?  Men do not create souls.  God does.

God bless you, Blessed Mother, and God bless all women.  I pray that I will come to see the holiness in all women by the simple fact that they carry and nourish new souls that God creates.  I pray that I will see your beauty when I notice the beauty in other women.  I pray for my wife, that she will become more and more like you.

Our Father…

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