Blessed to Know I’m a Sinner

I’m blessed to know that I’m a sinner.  The knowledge of my sinfulness, this awareness, leads me to God and to his only Son, Jesus Christ.  This is important because it was Christ’s death on the Cross that expiated my sin.  With this expiation, I can genuinely hope for Heaven.  This is why I’m blessed to know that I’m a sinner.

Dear Merciful God, what about the men and women who are not aware of their sinfulness?  How can they find you and come to know your love?  It wasn’t long ago when I refused to believe in you.  So, I remember the pride that kept me from admitting my shame.  I humbly pray for these men and women, that they will see above all else your love and not be discouraged because of your righteous judgment.  Our Father…

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