Prayers of Thanksgiving

I thank you, Lord, for the safe delivery of our daughter, Hana Therese.

Thank you, Merciful God, for protecting my wife and allow her to wait until the doctor arrived before the final stages of labor.

God, I reflect on the powerful moment of birth, our own personal easter.  Lord, I was thinking how the hospital — any hospital — is a battleground between angels and demons.  The angels are protecting the souls, giving strength to the patients and wisdom to the doctors & nurses.  The demons are haunting the souls burdened with sin, making the patients weak and tempting the hospital staff to selfishness, cold-heartedness.  It’s a natural battleground, Lord, for the souls of this world.  And I pray for those souls, for those of my wife and new daughter.  Our Father… Amen.

I thank you, God, for bringing so many new images of yourself into this broken and rebellious world.  Glory be…

Thank you, God, for the angels you send to minister to the sick and weary, in the form of the compassionate hospital staff.  Our Father… Amen.

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