Heavenly Father, I Adore You

Dear God,

Thank you so much for delivering me from my troubles.  I was having a difficult week, and being inspired by Scripture, I turned to you in prayer.  I sought you out and asked for your wisdom, and thanked you for the small victories.

I did not even realize how you’ve answered my prayers until a conversation with my wife, tonight.  Oh, thank you, Lord!  I was able to help a Fortune 500 client, build a good relationship with other sections in the Embassy, and secure a grand prize for a large promotion next month.  More importantly, you helped me manage the workload for the Alaska visit.  With your help, next week will be good, too.

Thank you, Lord, for letting me know you’re active and present in my life.

Mmm… I remember earlier in this week, I prayed for you to be near me as I am near to my daughter.  I was watching Maya, smiling with sublime joy.  My baby girl just wanted me next to her to watch her.  If I got up to do something else, she would stop whatever toy she was engrossed in, take my hand and ask me to sit down next to her, again.  She simply wanted my presence, my awareness of her.  And I started to think whether this was her first experience of what her relationship should be like with you, Our Heavenly Father.  Maya was so happy that I just sat there with her.  So, I prayed that you can be near me, just like how I was near Maya: watching, helping when I asked, letting me know you’re there.

You watched, helped and let me know you were there.  Thank you, Father.

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