Faith Needs No “Prove It to Me” Sign

Today’s readings:
Letter to St. James 1:1-11
Mark 8:11-13

The Holy Spirit led me to think about the strength of my faith.  Do I persevere in adversity?  Do I doubt God’s existence?  I think I’m still too new to the faith.  I’m still too passionate about God to doubt His existence.  I pray that the bitter cup of life would pass from my lips, but I also pray for the grace to accept His will.  St. James tells us to consider life’s trials as a joy because tests to our faith produces perseverance.  In all honesty, I don’t know if I’m ready.

My greatest attachment is to my wife and child.  What if I lost them to a tragic accident?  I would be devastated.  I would certainly ask God why it had to happen, why He didn’t prevent it.  I’m scared just to consider the possibility, now.  Like I said: I pray that the bitter cup of life would pass from my lips, but I also pray for the grace to accept His will.

Mark’s Gospel today spoke of Jesus being fed up with people asking for a sign that proves His being.  Jesus told them that no sign would given them.  Thanks be to God, I don’t need a sign to prove that He exists.  Yet, I may be guilty of asking for the confirmation of His will.  I think it’s okay, though.  Sister Meg Funk from Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Beech Grove, Indiana wrote:

“It is one thing to ask for a sign, as in ‘prove it to me.’  It is another thing to respectfully ask for a confirming sign that we can be sure we are hearing the voice of the Lord.

“How is it that doubts cover our faith from time to time?  Should we not heed the caution?  Isn’t it good to doubt and to take action only when ready and confident?  The answer is yes, if we live by faith.

“Where there is doubt, we need to pray in faith for confidence in Jesus Christ.  This way we have only one mind and heart, the mind and heart that is turned toward God, and not just toward ourselves.”

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