MIIS Follies

Who would have known there was so much talent here at the Monterey Institute?  We don’t just have guitar players and dancers and singers, but all of the above who can speak in another language.  We had a woman do a very beautiful African dance.  Norwegians and Danes and Germans singing variations of “You Are My Sunshine.”  Korean students doing a deconstruction of the English language in social settings – that was very much like DI back in my Forensics-days.  The AV Manager did a wonderful juggling and “light-swinging” show.  Gosh… a whole list of performances from 7pm until 9:45pm.  That’s a lot of talent.

Today was quite a jam-packed day.  The morning was spent in Advanced Finance.  Afterwards, I picked up the huge cargo van that I then filled up with all my stuff.  I’ll be driving 90% of all that I have here in Monterey back to L.A. this weekend.  It’s the only weekend that I have available before April comes around.  I need to use those weekends to visit my friends.

Then there was Happy Hour at four.  And then it was the Follies at seven.  After the performances, a whole group of us went to Octane for some salsa dancing.  And, I got back just after midnight.  Had dinner.  Showered.  Now I’m about to go to sleep.  Typing this entry on my lap since my table is gone.  My room looks so bare.  So naked.

Guatemala… I’m thinking, dreaming, hoping that there will be salsa dance teachers there who can show me advanced moves.

Man… my throat feels all itchy from shouting.

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