Guatemala… Here I Come!

I got my invitation via FedEx today!  I’m going to Guatemala!  Hurray!  Hurrah!  Dang, I’m so excited!  Look at all those exclamation marks!

So, as expected, my assignment will be Small Business Development.  I’ll be leaving May 2nd, and I’ll be living with a host family for 3 months before I actually begin my assignment in July.  What a thrill… I get to learn Spanish — and see the Mayan temples of Tikhal.

I read the overview of Guatemala on “The Lonely Planet.”  Looks like a fairly dangerous place.  And, I’m debating whether I should make myself a target of robberies by bringing my laptop.  Heh.  Well, let’s see if I can work something out.

Damn… there’s so much to do in the next few weeks!  So many friends to see.  So many loose financial ends to tie up.  But, I’m know where I’m going – and that’s what’s important.

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    1. Thanks. Yeah… I couldn’t pick China since they don’t have any business assignments over there for PCVs. The program that I’m in mandates that my service be related to my degree. Nevertheless, I’m excited. Finally, I’ll be proficient in Spanish!

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