A Thought on Top-Tier B-Schools

Although being a graduate from a top-tier B-school like Harvard, Wharton or Stanford is impressive, rarely have I heard a firm improving their bottom line just because it hired a bunch of brandname MBAs.

MIIS is a small private school.  In the Financials Times this year, it ranked 99 out of the 150 international MBA schools around the world.  Of the 58 international MBA schools in the US, it ranked last.  Doesn’t look impressive, I know.  And, maybe that’s why a couple of my classmates are dropping out this semester?  They were potential stars, too (in my opinion).  So, I’m sad to see them go.  But, I’m more disappointed, really.  They ought to have more faith in their abilities to make the most out their MBA regardless of where they got their degree from.  Well, I wish them the best still.  I certainly wished they decided to stay.

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