Birthday Party

My cousin’s birthday isn’t until this Wednesday, but since celebrations can’t be held after the fact, her party was this Saturday.

She turned 14, going on 7.  I say that because she asked for a Caged Jumper.  It’s this huge inflatable castle in which children (and young adults) can climb into and then jump on like a trampoline to their heart’s content.  Of course, the boys and I made the Caged Jumper into a Caged Wrestling match.

Quite a workout we all had.  Joey, Jonathan, Jason, Raymond, Joshua… all of them, one at a time, lost to me by submission.  With Joey, being fifteen and eager to show his physical prowess , I had several rematches.  Poor guy made the same mistakes every time.  The last match I had with him, I got him into a German suplex lock.  The match lasted less than two minutes.

So, today, I’m sore all over.  The kids are pretty sore, too.  Why wouldn’t they be with a 26-year old guy throwing them around in bodyslams and full-body suplexes?

God, what fun it was!  Raymond loved it so much he wants to do the same thing for his birthday.

As anyone could have guessed, the girls stepped out of the wrestling.  However, little Tracy was pretty eager to get a match on with one of us.  So, Cindy went back inside and wrote birthday cards for herself.  When the boys got tired, we joined in and wrote some cards of our own.

Cindy also performed “Sonata in A Minor” for me.  Amazing.  She’s supposed to perform sometime in January.  I hope I’ll be around to catch it.

I love going home.  I didn’t want to leave today.

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