Sushi Date

He likes Moulin Rouge.  How many guys do I know like that movie?  Other than me, none… until today.  And, my dear friends, this guy has “the gay.”

Dinner was wonderful.  I haven’t had sushi in quite some time.  So, being able to enjoy such a great dinner with good company was a treat.  He had a Beef Roll dinner plate with the sashimi assortment.  I ordered a Spider Crab hand roll and the Chef’s Special Sashimi Platter (as usual).

We talked movies, career path and background.  He’s a RPCV, Russia ’02-’04.  Got mugged one time just as he got out from the consulate with a fistful of cash.  Being mugged wasn’t the worst part.  The worst part was being chewed out by the Russian police for bringing them a case they couldn’t solve.  (Apparently, the Russian police force are evaluated on how many cases they can successfully solve.  Therefore, they are quite adverse to cases that will most likely go into the “unsolved” pile.)  He went to a higher power.  When he went back to the police station, the Russian police were begging to serve him, all the while trying to cover the new holes their section chief ripped into them.

He’s originally from Tennessee.  Pretty conservative place.  Understandibly, he wanted to go someplace that was a bit more accepting of a Jewish gay man.  So, onwards he went to Minnesota.  Studied Religion as an undergrad and went to the Peace Corps afterwards.  Future?  He doesn’t know.  Do any of us?

I hope I’m not giving him the wrong message.  Although I may have cleared the air early on, he may find it strange that I, too, liked Moulin Rouge.  Maybe he thinks I’m a closet homosexual or that I’m bisexual.  Surely, some of my friends are rootin’ for me to be.  Gawd… such scandal-makers.  Well, this shouldn’t be any different than my situation with Robin other than having the tables turned.  It would be grand to have a friend with a different perspective in life.

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