Some Good-Looking Guy Asked Me Out

Wow.  Did this make my day:

Dear K–:

It was nice chatting with you last night at Peter’s [Peace Corps] gathering.  If you’re ever interested, I’d love to get together for dinner, tea, beers, movie or whatever.  Let me know if you have any time between your IBP assignments.


And, my response:

Hi B–,

I enjoyed talking to you, too.  It would be great to get together to continue our conversation sometime.  I wouldn’t mind going to this Korean BBQ place across from Turtle Bay again.  Or, Turtle Bay would be good, too.

If I’m not mistaken, you mentioned that you had a boyfriend at one point when you were in Russia.  I think it’s appropriate of me to mention that I’m heterosexual.  If your invitation still stands, then maybe next weekend?


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