The Curse of Beauty

I was disappointed to learn what I did about Kaiko, today.  He’s a foreign exchange student, here from Japan for an MBA.  He’s part of the entering class of matriculating MBAs, and I was impressed when I first met him.  I was struck by how wonderful his skin looked: dark, flawless and smooth.  He was, and still is, a very good-looking guy.

I was always under the impression that he was unaware of his appeal to women because his demeanor was typically shy.  To my surprise, I found out from his roommate that he was quite the lady’s man back in Japan.  According to his roommate’s account, Kaiko could get any woman he wanted.  And when Kaiko’s attempt to woo a particular Taiwanese girl failed, his solution was to immediately find another girl.  Typically, I wouldn’t blame the fellow, although I don’t think it is wise.  However, in Kaiko’s instance… he already has a girlfriend in Japan.

So, not only is he full of himself, he’s fickle to boot!

Aside from his sure path towards a womanizing future, Kaiko is quite an individual.  Along with his looks, he has smarts, ambition and money.  Add a dose of nepotism and a smidgen of U.S. citizenship and I think we’ll have ourselves another Republican.  Ah… I shouldn’t be too hard on the guy.  He really is a good person.  Good looks can be a curse.  But, to whom?

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