Dean & Nader Debate

Why we should not vote for a 3rd party candidate (i.e., Ralph Nader)?

“When the house is on fire, it is not the right time to fix the furniture.”

Fantastic debate… highlights my two favorite political candidates. Nader is intelligent and obviously the champion of the regular citizen and consumer. Dean is likewise intelligent. I am still disappointed that he can’t represent me as President. Yet, I believe what Dean says, it’s important to work together to get Bush out of office.

It’s not 3rd parties that take away votes from the big political parties. It’s the big political parties that abandon states where they believe they can’t win. More votes (about 8 times as much) were lost to the Republicans from the Democrats than to the Nader-LaDuke ticket from the Democrats.

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  1. The last I heard, the Green Party wasn’t even letting Nader run on their ticket this year. I miss the comfort of the 96 election when we were able to vote Nader to our hearts content without worrying that Clinton would fail to be re-elected.

    1. People in California can still vote for Nader this year. Despite a Republican governor, California will still go to the Democrats. Therefore, Californians can vote for any 3rd party candidate without much fear that Kerry-Edwards will lose Cali’s electoral college votes.

      If Dean was the Democratic nominee, I would’ve voted for him. Since I don’t like Kerry, and the state is going to him anyways, I will be casting my ballot for Nader this November to help him get the 5% goal.

    1. California voters really can’t do too much about the 2000 election. According to Michael Moore’s documentary, the Republican’s knew ahead of time that Florida was going to be a critical battleground state. So, the Florida debacle was out of Californian’s hands.

      However, since California’s electoral college will most likely go to the Democrats this year, I can safely vote my conscience this year when I cast my ballot for Nader. I want to help him get closer to the 5% goal so he can be a major contender in the 2008 elections.

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