First Unit Test

Our first Unit Test for Beginning Mandarin was yesterday. It was graded and returned back to the class this morning. I am proud to say I got a 99.6% on the exam – 2nd highest next to the 16-year old, who got a 100%.

The lessons are getting more difficult. More and more of the “New Words” are actually new words to me. Rather than finishing my homework in an hour, it actually took me at least 2 this afternoon. I’m glad I am learning more new material. My grasp of the language is coming along at a steady pace.

While doing my homework at the Samson Student Center this afternoon, I met my new conversation partner – Frank Chen. He’s also at SILP, but for the Intensive English Language Program instead. We would converse in English for half an hour and then in Mandarin for another half, every Monday and Wednesday after 3pm. It seems like a good exchange.

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