The Long Road Ahead

My old habits are coming back. I can’t stay in my own home – why? It’s far from lavish, but I’m comfortable enough that I do not do anything productive. Whatever happened to all my good intentions of playing the piano, reviewing business theory and learning Mandarin? I am getting too comfortable.

At first, I thought going to the gym regularly would get me out of my rut. I’ve been exercising regularly for several weeks now and I still haven’t cracked the third marketing chapter. I haven’t played “Moonlight” in almost a month. I have yet to begin my language studies…

Yet, I don’t think anything’s wrong. Why should there be? For the next 3 years, I’ll be working my ass off. I should take this time and enjoy myself – let my mind float aimlessly because soon I’ll be riding in charted waters.

God… I remember those incredibly productive college days. A million things at once. So many people to see, so many tasks to accomplish… I came out realizing that I could work on overdrive, and I am happy with what I’ve done so far. Unfortunately, the big goals are still far ahead.

Damn. I’ll get there. But, the journey is so long…

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