The Dance Legends from China

I spent some quality time with my parents tonight at the Irvine Barclay Theatre. My father read in his newspaper about a dance troupe from China that is performing for a limited time here in the States. These dancers are legendary in the East and it would be a great opportunity to see them. So, my dad and I bought tickets for tonight’s showing.

Zhen Liu was “The Master of the Masters.” It was amazing to see him move his body. There is a lot of control and a lot of strength. One really has to understand the body to be able to perform like him. Zhen Yan Wu was the lead female dancer. She won the 1st prize at the Ninth Int’l Modern Dance Competition in Paris. She was not only pretty, but she had fantastically strong legs. She did her signature piece with all of her legs showing – which, I think, was deliberately done to showcase her finely toned legs. She was just as remarkable as Mr. Liu.

The evening was pleasant. I felt nostalgic since these types of events were what I attended back in college. I miss that. I miss the theatre and the concerts. There was so much of that at Humboldt. I think I went to over 20 in any given year. It was nice to share something like this with my parents.

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