“You Are Not Those,” by Seahorse

My beloved…
My sweetheart…
My darling…

You are the beauty in my life.
I am so drunk on the thought of you.
The night is late (or, rather, the morning is early!)
And I cannot sleep for the bright light –
Your smile keeps me awake.

How can such a mortal being hold my fascination for so long?
You must have slipped a love potion in my drink.
Yet, I know you are no alchemist.
You must have cast a magic spell over me –
But you are no magician.
No, you are none of those.
You are not a poet with rhymes
  to set my heart beating to your tune.
You are not a bard with songs
  to pull eternally at my ear.
You are not a goddess who’s sheer beauty
  would be enough to surrender my soul.
You are none of those. No, you are none of those.

But you are –
My beloved…
My sweetheart…
My darling…
For these, you may as well be the others.
The power you have over me
Amounts to the same.

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