Low-Key X-Mas

Christmas day was low-key. Mark came down from Berkeley to bring gifts to all his friends. He expects to return to L.A. after he’s done with law school, and he wanted to maintain his friendships so he’d have people to hang with. I am flattered that he got me a large Johnny Walker Black Label. It’s been so long since I had good whiskey. And, he got me an awesome brand that is aged 12 years. All his other friends got gift certificates. So, I certainly appreciate his extra effort on my part.

K called me in the evening. I thought she was still up at Stanford with her fiance. But, apparently she came back down. She left a message on my cell. I have yet to return her call. Since I didn’t get her a gift this year, I figure I ought to stop by the mall on my way home today before I meet up with her. Yikes… I’ve never missed a year to give her a present since we became friends in middle school. Shouldn’t start now.

Only a week left before I head off to the Bahamas with my beloved. God, I’m so excited. The beach will be wonderful. The food, I’m sure, will be great. And my darling said she’ll dance with me. That’s very important. I’m dying to salsa and swing. I wasn’t sure if L would ever want to learn, but she is eager. I look forward to teaching her everything I know about salsa. Then, we can make up new moves to show off on the dance floor. Desea vivo la danza de la pasion!

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