Michael Jackson

Only a fan of Michael Jackson would allow his or her children to visit and sleep over at Neverland Ranch. There is so much bad (and poor) publicity on MJ being a child molestor. Unless a parent is either a big enough fan to disregard the pervert publicity, is negligent, or totally ignorant of popular culture, then he would not let his child stay at MJ’s house.

Back in 1993, MJ was accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. The District Attorney at that time, Thomas Sneddon, believed he had a case to prove MJ was a molestor. The charges were withdrawn when a multi-million dollar settlement was reached and the boy was adamantly against pressing the issue any further. If DA Sneddon was convinced that MJ was a child sex-offender, then the withdrawal was nothing less than a loss. Though the allegations of child molestation were neither proven true nor false, the damage to MJ’s public image was done. Like any male teacher who was accused of inappropriate conduct with a child, any parent would be wary even if the charges were proven false.

Three years ago, a 12-year old boy met Michael Jackson through a charity. The boy was invited to visit Neverland Ranch. If I was his mother, I would’ve been indescribably excited because I got a chance to meet and hang out with MJ through my son. Unfortunately, MJ invited the boy, and the mother’s presence was just happenstance. If I was stuck at Neverland Ranch, prohibited from interacting with my favorite celebrity and from looking around the premises, then I would’ve felt trapped in a prison. Frustrated, I’d have left and threatened to bring in the police if MJ refused to return my son before his visit was over. If I was the boy’s mother, then I would no longer be a fan after that. In fact, I might even be angry – vindictive – enough to create false charges of child molestation against my ex-idol.

In comes DA Sneddon center-stage. If he was convinced when MJ was first accused, then he essentially “lost” the case that time. Sneddon got his second chance this week. That boy (or his mother) came out with child molestation charges against Michael Jackson. There is no civil suit this time. It will be the State (DA Sneddon) vs. MJ. There is so much animosity between Sneddon and MJ that the star even wrote a song in his last album about the DA. Whether or not MJ is a child molestor needs to be proven. And, it looks like Michael Jackson is willing to settle this once and for all.

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