The main singer for “Alabama” the country-singing group looks like a cross between George Lucas and Stephen King. I never knew of the band until tonight, when I was watching the American Music Awards. The group won tonight. According to the VO, the band has won the most awards out of everyone there that evening.

I’m watching the Fox Network, now, hoping to catch “Arrested Development.” It’s the new sit-com from Ron Howard. I like his film direction so I guess his TV show shouldn’t be too bad.

Emily Van Camp looks a lot like Faith Hill. Never noticed that.

Finally installed Grand Theft Auto 3 on my laptop. The game has nice graphics and okay gameplay. God there’s so much to do! I can’t even play the frickin’ game without feeling guilty.

Well, there is a rush. I planned on taking the GMAT in April, but now I have to move up the test date so I can get the score in time to apply for scholarships.

I’m tired.

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